The Dos and Don’ts of Self Storage

The Dos and Don'ts of Self Storage

The Dos and Don’ts of Self Storage. Are you renting a self-storage unit for the first time? Are you a seasoned user of self-storage? You may be researching self-storage to simplify your life and make more room. If any of these situations apply to you, this advice might help you make the most of your upcoming or present storage arrangement. Our storage specialists go over the main dos and don’ts of self-storage below.

6 Dos of Self Storage

Do Get a Unit Near Your Property

Convenience is crucial in the self-storage business. When visiting a storage place, it should feel like a smooth process. One of the most important things to consider regarding convenience is location, namely, how close it is to your house. You’ll be far less inclined to use your storage unit if you have to make the 45-minute drive across town to get there. If you use it, you’ll discover that it takes up a lot of time and energy due to its awkward location. Keep this from happening. Locate a storage unit near your business or home to guarantee regular use and easy access.

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Do Label Your Boxes

Nothing is worse than sifting through the storage unit for hours, destroying your neatly arranged rows of items and carefully packed boxes, hoping to find that tiny item you’ve been looking for in a random box you can’t locate. Do you recognize this? I hope not. Label your boxes to ensure that this situation never arises. Label all four sides, the top and the bottom. If you are adventurous, you can even mark the top. Making your labeling readable and visible is crucial. Providing a few descriptive sentences describing every box’s contents is also crucial. The terms “Kitchen” or “Kid’s Stuff” are insufficient. Do you want to maximize every aspect of your company? Number your boxes and use technology to discover things quickly and effectively. On your computer, thoroughly inventory all the goods in each designated box. When locating something in particular, open a document and use the keyboard shortcuts “control F” or “command F” to search for the object by typing its name. The box number will appear in front of you in seconds.

Do Stack Smartly

Stacking items correctly saves your storage container a lot of space and effort. To begin stacking intelligently, purchase boxes of consistent sizes. This ensures that no space goes to waste and all the stacks sit flush. Next, arrange your stacks with the large, heavy boxes at the bottom and the lighter, smaller boxes at the top. Avoid piling up too high. If every stack of boxes within your current one almost touches the ceiling, it may be time to upgrade to a larger unit.

Do Store the Things You Use the Most at the Front of The Unit

Some experienced storage veterans may find this recommendation obvious, but it may be a revelation to those who have never rented a storage unit in Scottsdale. Place the items you use most often in the front of the box. You want to run fast errands in and out of your storage unit. You must be able to access your stuff to do that. It frequently calls for making at least one trip adjustment each year. Keep all the skiing gear up front so you can reach it easily, for example, if your family is a pack of ski bunnies in the winter. When summer arrives, move your winter gear to the back to create space for your beach gear and other summer needs.

Do Invest in Storage Unit Insurance

If you can afford a storage unit, you may buy insurance to cover your belongings in case of an accident. For a small monthly, yearly, or semi-annual fee, you can secure financial compensation for your belongings in the event of theft, flooding, earthquakes, or fires. Many insurance companies nationwide offer storage unit insurance, and some storage facilities also provide it. See if your facility offers any options that suit your budget.

Do Create Walkways to the Back of The Unit

If you’ve read this far through our guide, you already understand that accessibility matters in every storage unit. You know how to label your boxes and stack your most used items near the front of your unit. But you should do one more thing to maximize accessibility and use as much “front” as you can in your unit. Create a walkway (or walkways) to the back of the storage unit to ensure you can access everything as possible. Walkways may take up space, but they’ll save you headaches and hassle. They’ll improve organization, accessibility, and even airflow. Speaking of airflow, we also suggest stacking items no less than one inch away from the walls for improved circulation and storage of your items.

5 Don’ts of Self Storage

Don’t Keep Flammable Items

Combustible objects should be kept in certain locations when not in use – not where your safe unit is. We’ll say again: avoid combustible stuff in your storage space. A power outage or other emergency may cause temperatures to skyrocket and flammable materials to burn, regardless of whether you use a climate control unit. You are practically playing with fire if your unit doesn’t have climate control. Keep flammables away from your storage unit to protect your possessions and the surrounding property.

Don’t Store Perishable Items in Your Self-Storage: Plants, Food, and Others

A storage unit doesn’t have a refrigerator, and it is not a pantry. As a result, it’s not a recommended place for perishables. Plants, food, or other organic materials will eventually go bad in storage. At best, this will result in a terrible stench and, at worst, dangerous mold. Either of these could irreparably damage other items in the unit. Although adhering to this guideline for all perishables is advisable, some dry items and foods may be an exception. If you plan to store these things, though, make sure first to verify them with your storage facility. If storing them is approved, properly seal them and keep them away from any ledges and sharp objects to prevent breakage.

Don’t Climb on Things to Get Other Things

Climbing in a storage unit can be disastrous for your body and your goods. Get a strong stepladder for the home and keep it close to the door if you have to reach for anything higher than your head. It will help maintain stability in your climbing. These are some easy tips to abide by regarding over-the-head lifting. One, get another individual to assist. Two, always relocate items placed on the top of the box you are trying to open; never try plucking something from the midst of a stack. Third, store heavier items on the floor and lighter items higher up. Avoid stacking anything heavy that you are storing.

Don’t Wrap Your Things in Plastic

Movers may have been observed wrapping furniture in plastic before packing it into a moving van. You could even have considered using the same principle for storing items. Plastic wrap, after all, preserves. It does in the short term, though in the long run, it can cause serious problems for whatever it’s attached to. Movers wrap items in plastic to ensure everything stays together while being carried and driven to your destination. It is only ever kept in plastic for several hours or days. You will have mold problems if you wrap your belongings in plastic for an extended period of time. Condensation causes mold to grow inside the plastic. The story’s lesson is to avoid plastic and mold.

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Don’t Keep Your Most Valuable Things in Your Self-Storage

Even with the best self-storage protocols in place, accidents happen. An excellent insurance policy cannot replace your most expensive assets, many of which are unique or highly sentimental. Still, it can protect you financially in case of a storage unit accident. The best practices you could do is to store your most expensive items inside a bank vault or in your home to avoid any future distress.


In conclusion, the guidelines and recommendations provided by McDowell Mountain Community Storage offer a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts to ensure that anyone looking to use self-storage facilities can do so most efficiently and safely possible. These key pointers help people avoid common mistakes while emphasizing the importance of proper organization, cleanliness, and maintenance of their storage units. Understanding the correct size of the storage unit for your needs, securing it with a reliable lock, and keeping up with payment schedules are fundamental aspects contributing to the value and effectiveness of using a self-storage facility.

Following these rules is crucial for those concerned with keeping their possessions in the best condition while stored. They protect your items from damage and ensure that the storage environment remains clean and conducive to preserving the quality of the items stored. The advice against storing perishable items, flammable products, and precious items within these units is necessary for maintaining safety and peace of mind. Furthermore, investing in storage unit insurance and creating an accessible and organized space signifies responsible and effective storage management.

Ultimately, McDowell Mountain Community Storage’s insights and recommendations underscore the reasons why proper planning, adherence to facility rules, and thoughtful consideration of the items you choose to store are integral to maximizing the benefits of self-storage solutions. Whether a person requires temporary space during a move, extra room for business inventory, or simply a way to declutter their living space, these guidelines pave the way for a successful and hassle-free storage experience. Keep these principles in mind as you organize, store, and maintain your belongings within a self-storage unit, ensuring they remain pristine for as long as needed.

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