How To Store Books In A Storage Unit

How To Store Books In A Storage Unit

Book storage seemed simple at first. Many people throw their books into boxes or pile them high. However, if you wish to preserve their quality, there are a few things to remember when putting them in a storage unit. This is why, in this article, we will tackle how to store books in a storage unit.

7 Tips for Storing Your Books in a Storage Unit

Proper organization and protection are key to preserving the condition of your cherished book collection when stored in a storage unit. Whether you’re downsizing, moving, or just needing extra space, these tips will help you maintain the integrity of your books while they’re in storage.

Store Books Efficiently

Use Book Storage Bins Or Boxes To Keep Your Books Organized

Use book storage boxes or bins if you’re looking for a way to arrange and organize your books in a storage unit. These storage containers are especially for books and can help maintain and protect their condition.

Make sure the box or bin you choose for your book storage is the appropriate size for your collection of books. The container must be sufficient to accommodate all the books without taking up too much room in your storage facility.

Additionally, confirm that the container has a lid. This will help shield your books from moisture and dust. You can also maintain the quality of your books by including silica gel packets in your boxes. The majority of book storage boxes and bins have these moisture-absorbing packets. Before storing your books, organize them, and it is wise also to add some packets, even if you don’t think they’ll be needed.

There are two primary factors to consider when choosing book storage boxes and bins: size and material.

The two most common materials to choose from are plastic and cardboard. Plastic is somewhat superior since it doesn’t absorb moisture, has less odor, and is difficult for rodents to gnaw through. Nevertheless, cardboard boxes are designed especially for that purpose, and many plastic bins don’t fit books correctly. It’s also a little more expensive.

The size of the book bin or book box is the second item to consider. There should be enough space to accommodate many books without being so big that it overtakes your storage container or becomes too heavy for you to lift when covered with books.

Stack Books With Their Covers Facing Up Or Down

It’s crucial to arrange books in a self-storage unit to remain in good shape after storage. You have two options for stacking them: cover up or down. Stacked along their vertical sides, they may put additional strain on the binding and eventually break. Books turned sideways are likewise more likely to bend if someone presses against them.

If you are stacking books, you might want to put something soft—like a paper towel or packing material—between them so they don’t contact each other. It will lessen the chance of damage to the covers.

Place Books That Are Lighter Or Smaller On Top And Heavier Ones At The Bottom

Stacking heavier books at the bottom and lighter volumes on top of each other is crucial when organizing books in a Scottsdale self-storage unit. It will lessen the likelihood that the books will sustain damage, such as wear and tear on the cover or binding failure that could cause the books to become bent or deformed.

Avoid Placing Heavy Or Potentially Leaky Items On Top Of Book Boxes

In keeping with the previous tips, after the book boxes are packed, you should also refrain from putting heavy or potentially fragile leaky objects on top of them. Placing heavy books on lighter, smaller ones should be avoided: it may rip the covers, deteriorate the binding, or cause the book to warp or bend.

Store In A Dry Environment

Books should always be kept dry because moisture can harm them. Lidded book storage bins, boxes, and silica gel packs are critical to preserve quality.

Storage Units in Scottsdale AZ

Choose Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage is the most excellent option for long-term book storage. These temperature-controlled storage units provide the finest protection for your library against frequent changes in humidity and temperature. 

Even with all the other precautions taken for ideal book storage, a collection of books can quickly become bad if stored in a location that experiences high humidity and temperature changes. For this reason, serious book collectors need to have a professional Scottsdale climate-controlled storage unit

If you don’t have enough money for climate-controlled storage, find the best book location in your house. It will probably be an upstairs closet or some other temperature-controlled area.

Place the Containers on the Shelves

After securing a climate-controlled storage unit, you must buy shelving or another item to place your book boxes on. A box or other container containing valuable books should never be left on the floor in a storage unit. This floor contact exposes your books to a multitude of possible risks. 

Store your books with the best Scottsdale Self-Storage Units

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