What Are the Most Overlooked Self Storage Risks?

What Are the Most Overlooked Self Storage Risks

When it comes to self-storage, many individuals focus on the convenience and extra space it offers without considering the potential risks involved. While self-storage units provide various ways you can keep your stuff safe in a self-storage unit, there are the most overlooked self-storage risks that can take even the most diligent individuals off guard. In this blog, we’ll shed light on some of the most overlooked self-storage risks everyone should know.

Most Overlooked Self-Storage Risks

1. Inadequate Security Measures

Often overlooked is the assumption that every self storage facility boasts impeccable security measures. While some self-storage facilities prioritize and invest significantly in security, others may need more robust systems. It is imperative for individuals to proactively inquire about a facility’s security features before entrusting their belongings. A secure storage facility’s key indicators include surveillance cameras, well-lit premises, reliable access controls, and on-site personnel.

Collectively, these elements contribute to a secure environment, minimizing the risk of theft or unauthorized access. By assessing and prioritizing security features, individuals can make informed choices, protect their stored items, and maintain peace of mind throughout storage.

2. Climate Control Neglect

Ensuring the safety of stored belongings goes beyond mere spatial considerations; it extends to the often underestimated climate control factor in self-storage units. Certain items, such as electronics, artwork, and furniture, are particularly susceptible to damage when exposed to extreme temperatures or fluctuating humidity. Unfortunately, the significance of climate control is frequently overlooked until irreparable harm has been done. It is imperative to conscientiously evaluate the climate control features provided by a self-storage facility, particularly when contemplating the storage of temperature-sensitive items.

By preemptively acknowledging the importance and the benefits of climate-controlled storage, individuals can safeguard their possessions and spare themselves the regret that may arise from neglecting this critical aspect of storage unit selection.

3. Lack of Insurance

Many individuals mistakenly assume that their homeowners or renters insurance will extend coverage to items stored in a self-storage unit, but this is a widespread misconception. Insurance policies typically come with limitations on coverage for belongings stored outside the primary residence, leaving items vulnerable to risks such as theft, damage, or unforeseen disasters. It is of utmost importance to recognize this gap in coverage and take proactive steps to safeguard possessions.

This can be achieved by either purchasing additional insurance that specifically covers items in self-storage or by inquiring if the chosen self-storage facility provides insurance options. By addressing this aspect, individuals can ensure comprehensive protection for their belongings and avoid the potential financial setbacks associated with inadequate insurance coverage.

What Are the Most Overlooked Self Storage Risks In Scottsdale

4. Pest Infestations

It’s easy to underestimate the threat of pests when utilizing self-storage units, but overlooking this potential hazard can lead to significant damage to stored belongings. Rodents, insects, and other critters have a knack for infiltrating storage spaces, posing a risk to the integrity of items within. To safeguard against this often underestimated danger, it’s imperative to adopt preventive measures.

Ensure boxes are tightly sealed to deny entry points for pests, utilize effective pest repellents within the storage unit, and opt for a facility that prioritizes and implements robust pest control measures. By taking these precautions, individuals can significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering pest-related issues and preserve the condition of their stored possessions.

5. Damage from Water and Moisture

One often underestimated risk in self-storage units is the potential damage from water and moisture. Many individuals overlook the fact that these units, though seemingly secure, are not immune to leaks, floods, or condensation. Items stored in cardboard boxes, upholstered furniture, and delicate fabrics are particularly vulnerable to water damage. Without proper climate control and sealing precautions, moisture can seep into the storage space, leading to mold growth, rusting of metal items, and irreversible harm to sensitive belongings. It’s imperative to prioritize storage units equipped with climate control features and to utilize moisture-resistant packaging materials to create a protective barrier against this often overlooked threat. Understanding and addressing the self storage risks associated with water and moisture damage is key to ensuring the long-term preservation of stored items in self-storage facilities.

6. Limited Accessibility

It’s crucial to consider access hours when selecting a self-storage facility, as some limitations can pose a notable inconvenience. Unfortunately, this aspect is often underestimated during the decision-making process. For those requiring regular access to stored items, verifying that the facility’s access hours align with their schedule is imperative. Overlooking this detail may result in unexpected hurdles, potentially restricting access precisely when urgently needed.

Being mindful of access limitations ensures that the convenience of having a storage unit doesn’t transform into an unforeseen source of frustration, allowing individuals to retrieve their belongings as needed seamlessly.

7. Overlooking the Fine Print

People often rush through the process of obtaining a self-storage unit, neglecting the crucial step of thoroughly reviewing the rental agreement. Vital information regarding terms, conditions, fees, and responsibilities is hidden within the fine print. It is imperative to take the time and effort to carefully read and understand the rental agreement to prevent unexpected surprises or misunderstandings later on. This straightforward yet essential practice of due diligence ensures a comprehensive comprehension of obligations and fosters a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship between the tenant and the self-storage facility, reducing potential hazards and liabilities associated with the storage of valuables.

While utilizing self-storage units is a beneficial means of decluttering and storing possessions, it’s vital to acknowledge potential risks. By focusing on these often neglected factors, individuals can make well-informed decisions in selecting a self-storage facility and implement essential precautions to safeguard their prized belongings. Keep in mind that a bit of foresight can significantly contribute to a seamless and secure storage experience.

What Are the Most Overlooked Self Storage Risks In Scottsdale, AZ


Here are some frequently asked questions about the most overlooked self-storage risks:

Q. Is it safe to store documents in a self-storage unit?

Safely storing documentation in a self-storage unit involves thoughtful consideration of the facility’s conditions and security measures. It’s advisable to select a reputable facility equipped with essential security features like surveillance cameras, secure access controls, and well-lit spaces. Prioritize a climate-controlled unit to prevent damage caused by temperature and humidity variations. Utilizing sturdy, sealed containers is key for both organization and prevention of potential harm. To enhance safety, thoroughly review the facility’s policies, acquire adequate insurance coverage, and maintain a detailed inventory. This proactive approach minimizes liability and ensures the preservation of important documents, while also serving as a preventive measure against potential fire hazards.

Q. What steps can I take to prevent damage caused by mold or mildew in a self-storage unit?

To prevent damage caused by mold or mildew in a self-storage unit, take proactive measures. First, choose a storage facility with climate control to regulate temperature and humidity. Use moisture-resistant packaging for items and avoid cardboard boxes, as they are prone to retaining moisture. Elevate belongings off the floor using pallets or shelves to provide additional protection. Regularly inspect the unit for any signs of water leaks or condensation, promptly addressing any issues. Lastly, consider using moisture-absorbing products such as silica gel packs or desiccants to maintain a dry environment within the storage space. Taking these steps will significantly reduce the risk of mold or mildew damage to your stored items.

Q. Who conducts regular maintenance checks in self-storage facilities?

Regular maintenance checks in self-storage facilities are typically conducted by the facility management and staff. It is the responsibility of the facility owners or operators to ensure that the storage units, security systems, climate control mechanisms, and overall premises are well-maintained. This includes addressing any potential issues promptly, such as fixing leaks, ensuring proper functioning of security features, and maintaining cleanliness. Regular inspections help create a secure and well-maintained environment for the customers and their stored belongings.

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