Ways You Can Keep Your Stuff Safe In Self Storage Unit

Ways You Can Keep Your Stuff Safe In Self Storage Unit

It might be challenging to determine whether a self-storage facility is the best option for you at times, particularly if keeping your stuff safe is your top concern. It would be best if you located a facility that will treat your possessions with the same level of care as you do. But only some self-storage units are made equally. Additionally, you should consider a few security factors when selecting a self-storage facility. 

This article will tackle ways you can keep your stuff safe in self storage unit, so if you’re planning to rent one, you should read this.

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8 Ways You Can Keep Your Stuff Safe In Self Storage Unit

These eight ways will help you and your selected Scottsdale self-storage facility ensure that everything you have is kept secure.

Pack Items Properly

The way you pack your belongings determines how safe they will be. Ultimately, the security of a self-storage facility won’t matter if you don’t take the necessary precautions to keep your belongings safe after they are locked up. When putting things away for an extended period of time, be sure to cover and wrap furniture, lay soft separators between fragile items, and dry and clean appliances first.

You may use wooden pallets or shelving to keep items off the ground and away from moisture. Finally, labeling and storing smaller items in boxes is essential so you can quickly find them when needed. Items stored inside the storage unit will be safer the more organized you are during packing.

Choose Digital Security Locks

It’s time to start considering the external security measures after you’ve taken all the necessary steps to secure your belongings. Padlocks, which aren’t necessarily the safest option when it comes to stopping break-ins, are still required by many storage facilities. Physical locks that are easy to identify will prevent thieves from using a key. Bolt cutters are just too powerful for a typical padlock. So what must you search for in its place?

A digital lock is far safer since it lets you access it using the password-protected phone’s security code. It’s also simpler to grant access to just the visitors that you’d like. They no longer have to be concerned about misplacing a physical key.

Look For A Climate-Controlled Unit

The year-round weather changes can be terrible for the long-term storage of your valuable belongings. Therefore, finding a storage unit with a climate-controlled environment is essential. No matter what the outside weather is like, climate control can keep your items safe. Depending on where you reside, this can be more important than you believe. 

The humidity from the air can cause mold and mildew to grow on your possessions. Moisture damage can be avoided by packing items carefully and selecting a climate-controlled unit. Anything that will be stored exposed to weather conditions, such as electronics, wood furniture, collectibles, antiques, artwork, and personal documentation, needs to be kept in a controlled environment.

Give 24/7 Surveillance Priority

For a forward-thinking world, modern security features are necessary, so look for facilities with innovative video surveillance technology. Look for a self storage facility that has updated its camera devices to the digital era because it offers higher protection than tape storage. Cameras will have minimal chance of a coverage lapse and record in far more excellent quality.

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Keep Limited Access

When you trust a storage facility with your items, you don’t want just anybody to be able to stroll around the property. The most excellent storage facilities will have highly restricted access, so only you and anyone with permission can enter. Limited access is essential for self-storage units, so it should also be vital for you. Give access to your storage facility only to those you can rely on entirely.

Consider A Fully-Fenced Area

Every organization strives to keep unwanted people out, but sometimes, they don’t take the proper measures to keep them out. It is crucial to have completely enclosed surroundings and well protected access. In this case, entry is limited to a gated entrance guarded around the clock by security personnel.

Look For High-Visibility Lighting

Self-storage facilities sometimes lack the type of lighting that deters thieves from breaking in at all hours of the day. It is an alarm feature that has been shown to make it considerably harder for someone to conceal their identity when trying to steal goods, and it is high visibility lighting. It also acts as a bright spotlight, alerting anyone nearby to their suspicious activities.

These factors make it far more likely for burglars to choose facilities without enough lighting, so they may stay in the shadows and try to break in. Thanks to high visibility lighting, your belongings are protected at night just as much as during the day.

Choose An Indoor Self-Storage Unit

Although outdoor self-storage facilities remain extremely secure, indoor units can provide additional protection. Usually, a larger building that has a keypad-protected entry has these rental units. Outdoor storage will work perfectly most of the time. However, an indoor unit may provide additional peace of mind if the things you’re storing are precious.


For short-term and long-term use, self-storage units offer a secure way to store your things, but you should look for a storage company that values security as much as you do. Additionally, when you start looking for a storage unit after deciding that the garage is no longer enough, you may keep an eye out for this level of safety.

Secure Your Belongings with Our Safe Self Storage Units

At McDowell Mountain Community Storage, we prioritize the prevention of any risks to your treasured items. Our safe self-storage units are equipped with state-of-the-art security measures, ensuring a proactive approach to risk prevention for renters. Trust us for a secure haven where your valuables are shielded from potential threats. Explore our range of services, tailor-made for your peace of mind. 

If you have any questions or want more information, call us at (602) 899-5484.

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